Mondays are for Burpees

And push ups, and wall sits, and high knees, and squats, and more.  Mondays are for Nike Training Club, otherwise knows as, NTC.  About 75 of Nike NYC’s most dedicated show up to the roof deck of Niketown in Manhattan for an hour long boot camp style class that beautifully compliments our running.  This session helps us build strength, agility, and flexibility, which in turn, helps us run faster and longer.

The weather here was gorgeous last night.  The sky was clear and the temperature hovered around 60 degrees.  It was our second session back on the roof deck (we were indoors at a different but equally fabulous location for the winter), and everyone was ready to rock.  After a serious warm up, the trainers set us up in groups and gave us instructions for a circuit workout.  We did sprints, planks with hip touches, wall sits, walking lunges, tricep dips, incline push ups, and high knees.  Each round lasted for (I think) 90 seconds and then we had 10 seconds to get to the next station.  We did three rounds of the circuit.  After the circuit, we were broken up into different groups for a “2 minute throw down.”  Each group had a different exercise to do for the two minutes.  My group ended up with… you guessed it, Burpees.  Because they’re good for you.

4.13.15 Walking Lunges

Here I am doing walking lunges.  I don’t look amused, when in fact, I am.  It turns out that I make some very odd/dissatisfied/strained/ugly faces when I exercise.  Oh well.  At least the exercise gets done.

After the circuits and the throw down, we stretched and tied up the session.  The stretching was awesome…

4.13.15 NTC stretch

Do you see me about half way back on the right in the pinky-orangey shirt?

After the session my fantastic friend Abby and I grabbed the photographer (yes, all the sessions are professionally photographed) and asked him to take our picture.  Welcome to my (very small) gun show.

4.13.15 Abby and I

And that’s a wrap.  Tonight is track night.  More on that tomorrow.  For now, have an extraordinary remainder of your day, friends!

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