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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It’s a beautiful day in New York City and my taxes are done and filed, so I’m a happy girl.

Since this blog is about my fitness life, I thought I’d share the organization that helps me reach my goals.  It’s a little brand that most of you have probably heard of called Nike.

I’m a member of the Nike NYC Running Club.  What is this you ask?  It’s a seven day per week fitness program put on for free by Nike.  New York City was the pilot program and our events started mid July last summer.  We have events everyday ranging from running to boot camp/strength training to yoga.  We have track workouts, long runs, technical runs, etc.  Every event is professionally coached by some fairly well know people in the track and field world.  Nike hires top trainers to run this program, and let me tell you, it is amazing.  And free.

Every session is professionally photographed and all the participants receive an email the day after the session with a dropbox link to the pictures.  We can download the pictures and use them on social media, etc.  What’s the catch?  You have to sign up and getting into sessions is fiercely competitive.  The weekly calendar is published every Sunday afternoon at 3pm EST.  In order to attempt to get the sessions that you want, you have to be on your computer, logged into your Nike account, and ready to go at 3pm.  Most of the sessions for the week are full by 3:02pm.  It sounds crazy and it kind of is, but it’s also incredibly worth it.  Nike is always adding new sessions and growing the program, so there are always opportunities to participate.

It’s also worth mentioning that this program is one of the most fantastically executed things I’ve ever witnessed.  No detail is overlooked, and the organization around the events is absolutely on point every single time.  The people who run the program are kind, happy, helpful people.  Each run that we do is paced at all different mileage times.  I’ve never met a pacer I didn’t love.  They’re all knowledgeable, helpful, welcoming, friendly, and extremely encouraging.  Fitness programs just don’t come any better than this.

So when you see my pictures and notice that I seem to be having an amazing amount of fun in a group setting, this is why.  Nike recently rolled the program out internationally, so check a Nike store near you to see what offerings they have.  If you go to a session, I promise, you won’t regret it.  In fact, you’ll probably find yourself jonesing for the next upcoming session.  Go with the feeling – you’ll end up getting into the best shape of your life and you’ll make some amazing new friends.

Nike Logo

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