Because… Cross Training

  Running is my jam.  If you’ve been reading my posts, you know this.  I also want to be the best runner I can be, so that means that I also focus on cross training.

“I Only Run if Something is Chasing Me”

If you’re a runner, you’ve inevitably heard someone say this.  After that they look at you like you have nine heads.  After they’re done with their facial expression, they may say something like “But I do wish I were in better shape,” or “I think that it would be cool to run a 5K.”  And…

Summer Corn and Tomato Salad

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my mother is a pretty phenomenal cook.  She cooked dinner pretty much every night of the first 18 years of my life and to this day, cooks when I visit.  It’s a pretty good deal.

Everybody Has an Arch Nemesis

And speed workouts are mine.  They happen on Thursdays, and I think I’m just generally tired from the work week at that point.  Never the less, I saw Thursday night’s speed workout posted on Instagram, appropriately underestimated it, and showed up.  In hind sight, I’m glad that I went.  At the time… not as much.

Am I a Potential Soccer Prodigy?!

Or being completely awkward at soccer, which was probably more the case.  Prodigy or not, I attended my first session of NikeNYC’s “Pitch Fit” last night.  It’s a soccer-themed workout held on a turf field at Pier 40 in Manhattan, and the latest addition to our Nike programming.  The session was designed to get everyone…

Introducing Hill Help!

Announcing Hill Help!  Going forward, each of my posts will now feature something called “Hill Help.”  They’ll come to you in the form of fitness tips, gear tips, food tips, and general life hacks.  I’ll be sharing things that I find useful and think that you may as well.

Why Run on Saturday Mornings?

Well, why not run on Saturday mornings?  My rationale would be that getting up early on a Saturday to go spend the next hour or more panting is a tough sell.  It’s something that I struggle with, but this Saturday I got myself out of bed, in the shower, and off to the Nike Saturday…

Jay’s Awesome Southwest Chicken Chili

By the grace of all good things, I am one of those women who has a partner who willingly cooks. He actually likes to cook.  Most nights, I come home from the office and dinner is waiting for me.  Sometime there’s a small task, like reheating something, but most of the time there isn’t.  All…