Why Run on Saturday Mornings?

Well, why not run on Saturday mornings?  My rationale would be that getting up early on a Saturday to go spend the next hour or more panting is a tough sell.  It’s something that I struggle with, but this Saturday I got myself out of bed, in the shower, and off to the Nike Saturday morning long run.  And I’m glad I did.

The distance choices for this past Saturday were 4, 10, and 18.  Since 10 was a distance I had yet to complete, I decided on that one.  I was a little nervous, but per Coach Bennett’s advice, I embraced the idea of it and decided to respect the distance, but not fear it.

It was a cool, cloudy, yet slightly muggy New York morning as I headed out from Niketown with my pace group.  We were all commenting on the fact that we were happy with the lack of sun.  New Yorkers like sun, but most of us aren’t fans of the concept of “hot.”  We need to ease into it as the summer months roll in.

We ran up the east side of Central Park and continued north towards Harlem.  Our jaunt through Harlem took us back into the park around 110th St. and up the west side.  And when I say up, I mean UP.  If you’ve ever run south through Central Park on the west side, you know that it’s just one constant uphill.  To say I was tired would be an understatement.  I think I may have even muttered a less than classy word after running up the first set of hills and realizing that there were more ahead of me.  Thank goodness for the energy of my pace group; without them I may have expired somewhere in the Harlem Hills.

We ran back out of the park and over to the West Side of the city.  As we ran down Riverside Dr., our awesome photographer, Fred caught up with us and snapped some pictures, trying to catch us looking sporty.

IMG_5223  IMG_5221

We ran down Riverside, over to and down Broadway, and back over to the store at 57th and 5th.  All in all it was a 10.7 mile run.  This distance was an accomplishment for me and I was pretty pleased with myself when I was done.  Thank goodness for my pace group, and my newish running shorts and shirt that kept me dry and cool.  Click here if you dig my shorts and would like a pair for your own athletic pursuits. If you would like what is, in my opinion, the best summer running tank going, click here.

It was a run, albeit tough run, and I’m stoked to run 8 next Saturday with this group.  After our run next week, we’ll be cheering on the Brooklyn Half Marathon runners!


So next time you are debating a Saturday morning run, just do it.  If you only go a short distance, that’s okay.  The only bad run is the one that never happened.

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