I Am Not A Morning Person


Except on Tuesdays.  When I say early, I’m not talking about my Saturday long runs that begin at 8am or 9am depending on the season.  We’re talking about Tuesdays at 6:34am which is when I do my speed workouts now-a-days.I am not a fan of early mornings and I never have been.  Once I’m up, I’m up, but it’s always a struggle.

Tuesday has always been one of my favorite days of the week because it means that it’s track day!  In New York, that meant heading to Icahn Stadium for a 6:34pm start time.  In Boston, it means a 4am wake up to scurry off to the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center for a 6am arrival.  We run for a little over an hour starting at 6:34am, and then I’m off to work for the day.

The workout is always good, and always worth the early wake up call.  That being said, that wake up call is not without strategy.  I need my sleep.  No really, I NEED my sleep.  Just ask Jay.  I’m a worthless pile of cranky I’m-not-sure-what without it.  The process of getting up at 4am on Tuesdays actually begins on Sunday afternoons.  Here’s my strategy:

  • Sunday afternoon:
    • Plan work and workout outfits for Monday and Tuesday
    • Pack my running backpack for Monday night’s workout
    • Hang up both work outfits in my closet so that they are ironed and ready to go
    • Set out the toiletry items that I’ll need to get ready for work after track on Tuesday morning
  • Monday:
    • Eat an early lunch and an early dinner (I grab dinner around 4:30)
    • Change into my workout clothes and dash over to South End Athletic Company for SheSQUAD for a 7:30pm start
    • When SheSQUAD ends, zip over to the train station and head home
    • Upon arriving home, eat a quick protein filled snack and repack my running backpack with the items I’ll need Tuesday morning (hair brush, baby wipes, make up, etc)
    • Hop in the shower and then finally into bed
    • Set 4am alarm to “on.”
  • Tuesday Morning:
    • Wake up at 4am
    • Get a quick shower and some breakfast
    • Grab running backpack and work clothes and dash out the door
    • Collapse into bed by 9pm on Tuesday night because I’m exhausted

When I actually look at the steps listed out, I have to admit it looks a bit ridiculous.  I do love track though.  For the record, we ran 4 x 400’s with the first 200 at mile pace and the second at 5K pace.  What life insanity do other people put themselves through to make it to a workout?  I’d love to know!

Hill Help:  Sometimes the best workout of the week happens at a time that is inopportune for you.  Get there anyway.  You won’t regret it and your fitness will be better for it.

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