This Week is Faster Than Last


Not the week, per say, but me.  Yes, me.  Last night I was faster than I was the week before.  I showed up for Nike Boston’s Home Run and joined the 6 mile group with my friend Ashley.

I really lucked out with Ashley.  She asked me about Nike Run Club at the company holiday party and has been at nearly every session since.  Additionally, she and I pace pretty comparably. 

Last night was not terribly cold in Boston, which for me, is a less than welcome change at this time of year (Climate Change is real, people).  The temperature was probably in the high 30’s and the sky was clear.  We ran a new route, which took us past the Seaport and around the North End.  It was probably about half way through the run when I realized that it felt like we were running really fast for us.  Its worth mentioning that I never look at my phone during runs – being ignorant to my current pace and distance covered makes me happier than knowing, so I had nothing other than feel to go on.  It definitely felt like we were pushing and I asked myself several times if I needed to pull back.  Nope.  I wouldn’t allow it.  Ashley was plugging along right next to me and seemed comfortable with the pace, so I decided that I was too.  We ran, talked a little, and took in the sights.

When we finally got back to the Nike store to complete our mileage for the day, I looked at my phone and a badge flashed telling me that I’d just run my fastest 10K in 51:45.  That’s an 8:17 overall pace, which is pretty speedy for me!  What’s interesting about this is that I got my fastest 10K last week with a time about a minute slower.

I’ve been feeling pretty great about this all day.  Running isn’t easy, so it’s only right to celebrate a little bit when you PR.  As we know, running doesn’t get easier, we just get better.

Hill Help: Don’t be afraid to push yourself.  It just might cause you to accomplish something amazing and new.


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