Let’s Talk About Food

Yes, lets.  First, I will mention that I do not have a degree in nutrition.  That aside, I think I’ve picked up some good habits over the years that have kept my relationship with food in check.  

2016 Boston Marathon Weekend

Epic. That is really the only accurate way to describe marathon weekend here in Boston.  I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.  Jay and I knew we missed New York, but last weekend really drove that home when half our NikeNYC squad rolled into town for the race and festivities.

Food Friday, Edition II

It’s been off for a few weeks due to general life craziness, but Food Friday is back!  If you’ve been reading my posts, at this point you know that Jay is the chef in our house.  I think I’ve permanently retired from cooking, and I’m totally okay with that.  He cooks, I eat.  It works….

My Feelings On Yoga

It’s a love hate relationship at best, and the hate usually wins out.  I tend to avoid yoga classes with the same determination that I avoid the stomach flu, but yesterday I caved.  I realized that I’m not as flexible as I think I should be, and yoga is the way to resolve that situation.

Monday Funday

  When I lived in New York, Monday was always my favorite day of the week.  Monday meant that my Nike Training Club (NTC) session was happening at 6:34pm on the roof deck of Niketown.  Together, led by fantastic trainers, the large group spent the hour jumping, lunging, squatting, sprinting, and burpee-ing to loud, up-beat…

Alone Time

  Yesterday was Home Run with Nike Boston, and I had every intention of going. I was looking forward to seeing my running friends, and getting outdoors for a few miles.  My bag of gear was packed, and I was looking forward to 6:34pm.

Much of the Time I Run. Other Times, I Ski.

  And last week, ski I did.  We flew from New York City to Reno, NV and spent the week shredding snow at three different Lake Tahoe ski resorts.  And every last minute of the trip was amazing.