Much of the Time I Run. Other Times, I Ski.


And last week, ski I did.  We flew from New York City to Reno, NV and spent the week shredding snow at three different Lake Tahoe ski resorts.  And every last minute of the trip was amazing.  

We arrived in Reno around 10:30pm on Saturday night and my good friend Kelsy’s husband Will picked us up from the airport.  After a quick visit with them back at the house, we headed to bed because Sunday morning was quickly approaching.

We got up around 6am on Sunday, took quick showers, and headed up to Tahoe for a day at Ski Heavenly.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to be on the mountain.


Heavenly has what are probably the second best views of the lake to Homewood, which has the best lake views.  We skied a number of groomed trails and a few bump trails.  The conditions were great and snow was predicted for the following day.

We also skied Heavenly on Monday during a light snow storm.  Visibility was a little low, but we still had a great day.  The mountain wasn’t crowded, and the Heavenly staff showed us a great time.  Jay and I also skied Heavenly back in November when Kelsy and Will got married, and we loved it then too.

On Tuesday morning, we decided to drive up to Northstar to ski there for the day.  That was an excellent decision!  It snowed 11″ at Northstar on Monday night into the wee hours on Tuesday, and that meant 11″ of fresh powder!

At Northstar, they actually encourage you to tree ski.  Yes, please.  We tree skied through 11″ inches of powder and I’ve never had such a good time.  I love powder.  I was on all mountain skis which didn’t make turning in the powder the easiest thing, but I managed just fine.  Due to our terrific day at NorthStar on Tuesday, we decided to ski there on Wednesday as well.  That proved to be an awesome day too.  Northstar doesn’t have the fabulous lake views that Heavenly has, but their very well laid out mountain with long runs, groomed black trails, and fun terrain parks make up for the lack of views.  In attempt to not cheat Northstar out of the views that it does have, I should mention that you see beautiful views of the northern California landscape.  You just don’t see much of the lake.



On the recommendation of a friend who has skied the area extensively, we went to Homewood on Thursday.  Homewood is a spot where locals go, and it’s not fancy the way that Northstar and Heavenly are.  There’s no fancy lodge or gondola.  What is there however, are some of the most spectacular lake views I’ve ever seen.  The runs are wide, long, and fun, and you get to stare at the lake as you ski down!.  The snow that day was a little bit heavy and melty, but that’s Mother Nature’s fault.  She heated the temperature up to 54 degrees that day, and unfortunately, that’s not particularly snow friendly weather.  The sun was out in full force, and we had a great day.  I’d love to go there on a day when it’s colder out and the conditions are a little better.

On Wednesday after skiing Northstar, we stopped off at the Hidden Beach and ran around on the rocks that line the edge of the lake.  It was SO much fun and the views were awesome.


On Thursday after our day at Homewood, we went to Emerald Bay.  If you’ve never been here, trust me when I tell you that you need to go.  In my opinion, Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place in the US, and Emerald Bay offers some of the best views Tahoe has to offer.  Again, there were fun rocks to run around on, and so run around we did.




We flew home on the Thursday night red eye completely in love with Lake Tahoe.  It was one of the best ski week’s we’ve had.  Someday I will own a house there – I love it that much.

So last week we pursued another type of fitness, and it was great to mix things up.  This week, we’re back in Boston and it’s back to running.  Until next time, Lake Tahoe!

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