Alone Time


Yesterday was Home Run with Nike Boston, and I had every intention of going. I was looking forward to seeing my running friends, and getting outdoors for a few miles.  My bag of gear was packed, and I was looking forward to 6:34pm.

Around 3pm yesterday, everything changed.  One of my directors showed up on my floor, pointed towards one of the conference rooms, and gave me the “we need to talk now” eyes.

Earlier in the day, he had emailed me to let me know that one of his employees hadn’t shown up for work yet that day, but that he was trying to reach him via phone and email.  I walked into the conference room and sat down at the table across from him.  He looked shaken and not like his normal self.  He then went on to tell me that the employee who hadn’t shown up for work that day had been found dead in his apartment by the Boston police.  We don’t know exactly why he died, but it looked like it was probably substance abuse related.  I didn’t know the employee well, but my heart broke for many of my co-workers who did.  The employee had been with us for over 3 years, so several of our more tenured employees were good friends with him.  He was well liked and a good performer.  We then called our CEO who was at an off-site meeting for the day to give him the news.  He was devastated and said he was coming into the office so that he could deliver the news to everyone personally.  By 5pm, everyone was aware of the situation.  There were tears and disbelief.  The deceased employee was only 35 years old.  This will probably affect our organization for a while, and we will need to figure out something to do in memory of him.

Simply stated, I hate illicit drugs.  Nothing good ever results from the use of them; they ruin and end innocent lives.  I hope that our former co-worker is at peace now, and that whatever demons haunted him during his life are now gone.  He is sorely missed.

After the events of the afternoon, and talking to several people about what happened, I found myself in need of some quiet time.  I didn’t want to talk about the day’s events anymore and I knew that would be tough to avoid if I went to run club.  On top of everything else, Mother Nature was angry at Boston for some reason yesterday because the weather was horrific.  We had driving rain with 40mph wind gusts all day.  Picture rain blowing violently sideways.  I decided that I would go home instead and head to the gym.  Lifting doesn’t happen enough in my life, mainly because I can’t figure out when to fit it in with my running schedule.  However, I need to make it work, so last night I looked up a program on and completed the “week one” workout.  Pushing weights after my stressful day felt good and I felt better once I was done.

Truth be told, I’m a person who re-charges via alone time.  Crowds and groups do not generally energize me.  The one exception to that rule is run club.  The people and the energy there motivates me and makes me feel good and like I can conquer the world.  But last night, I really just needed to be alone to process the day’s events.  Today is better and I am stronger for it.

What do you do to re-charge?



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