Monday Funday


When I lived in New York, Monday was always my favorite day of the week.  Monday meant that my Nike Training Club (NTC) session was happening at 6:34pm on the roof deck of Niketown.  Together, led by fantastic trainers, the large group spent the hour jumping, lunging, squatting, sprinting, and burpee-ing to loud, up-beat music.  Sweat and smiles were abundant, as was exhaustion once the class was finished.  NTC has never been for the faint of heart; you don’t have to be in tip top shape to attend, you just have to be willing to give it everything you’ve got once you’re there.When the offer to move to Boston came, I quickly checked the Nike Boston website and verified that their programming also offered this session.  I saw that the Boston NTC session was also on Monday nights and it started at 8:04pm.  (They’ve since changed it to 7:44pm.)  Initially I thought this was a good thing because the 6:34pm time in New York always made me feel a little bit like I was dashing out of the office early to get there.  As it turns out, the Boston session is a bit late for me.  Most days, I’m in the office before 8:30am.  By about 6:30pm, I’m toast and I’m ready to go home, eat dinner, and get ready for the next day.  It’s been very tough for me to rally to stay in the city for another hour for the workout.

On top of that, since the workout starts late, I don’t get home from it before 9:30pm.  My preferred bedtime is 10pm, so getting home at 9:30pm isn’t ideal.  Plus, the Nike track workout happens on Tuesday mornings at 6:34am.  So that means that I get home late on Mondays, and basically have to go straight to bed so that I can get up at 4am the next morning!  Due to the scheduling difficulty, and the fact that I need a lot of sleep by most people’s standards, I stopped going to NTC for a while.

People who don’t live in Boston (or the northeast for that matter) have told me that something called “Spring” has started.  I wouldn’t know – it’s still 40 degrees here.  Nike has transitioned to it’s spring/summer session and the track workout’s location has changed from indoors at the Reggie Lewis Center, to an outdoor track.  The track has no bathrooms or showers, which makes things tough for me considering that I have to go straight to the office from the workout.  (People can shower at the nearby Reggie Lewis Center, but that seems like a lot of schlepping to me.)  Due to the location change, I’ve decided that Tuesday morning summer track just won’t work for me.  Silver lining :  This means that I can start going to NTC on Monday nights without worry of getting home late and being too tired for track the next morning!  I kicked off my new routine this past Monday with an awesome NTC class at the Nike Boston store.  We jumped, lunged, planked, did partner drills, did push-ups, and a lot of squats.  The trainers ran us through both star and tuck jumps, and my hamstrings are still making me painfully aware of this.  Soreness means that I worked muscles in a ways that I haven’t in a while, so I can’t even be mad about it.

I’m happy to be back on my NTC schedule and am looking forward to making Mondays my favorite day of the week again.

What’s your favorite workout of the week?  I’d love to know!


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