The Love Affair That Never Goes Away

On Friday night, because Jay is a love, he asked me if I wanted to go ice skating on Saturday night.   Of course I wanted to go.  Bad grammar warning:  I never don’t want to go ice skating.  If I could, I’d spend my entire life on the ice.  Alas, adult responsibilities call and make that more or less, not an option.  

Now a days I run much more than I ice skate, but if I had my druthers, I’d trade these two activity levels.  I grew up figure skating and even taught for a few years while I lived down in Nashville.  I loved it as a kid and still do as an adult.

Figure Skating is a tough activity to participate in as a working adult with an office job, though.  Most freestyle ice (this is the term for ice time dedicated to figure skating) takes place either very early in the morning or during after school hours.  I’m not one for doing anything other than sleeping at 5am, and at 4pm in the afternoon, I’m usually sitting in meetings.  Some rinks have freestyle sessions with starts as late as 6pm, but those are super tough for me to get to as well.

That being said, I now live in Boston.  I’ve recently discovered that the Skating Club of Boston has several sessions that don’t start until 8pm, which is much better for me.  I’ve decided that I’ll join the club here and get back to skating, because it is my life long love affair that never dims.  When I’m not skating regularly, I miss it terribly.

I checked the local rink calendars, and unfortunately, there wasn’t a session on Saturday night anywhere.  However, there were a few on Sunday, and so  we made our way to Burbank Arena in lovely Reading, MA that afternoon.  The session was at 4pm and not very crowded.  After we paid and walked into the arena, it immediately hit me that the rink felt cold and awesome.  Jay remarked that “It seems colder in here than it does in other rinks.”  Even if the rink had been extraordinarily cold, (which it wasn’t), I never mind that because colder rinks tend to have better ice.  I quickly laced my skates, threw on my guards, slipped on my stretchy gloves and headed over to the door to the ice.  I stepped onto the ice, heard the small crunch under my blade, and immediately knew that I had been neglecting something that’s really important to me.  I hung my guards over the glass and took off.  Jay was still lacing his skates so I took a few laps without him.  The cold air in my face and the cold air blowing through my hair brought the very specific love that I have for this sport to the forefront of my mind.  To me, there is nothing better than cold air blowing into your face that’s created by the speed you’re generating.  The same concept applies to skiing, which is part of why I love that too.

Jay joined me on the ice and we skated several laps together.  Thank goodness he’s proficient at skating.  I don’t think I could be with someone who wasn’t:)  Jay took a few pictures of me doing some spirals and landing a few easy jumps.

image   image

image  image  image

He appears to be displeased in these pictures, but I can assure you that he wasn’t!

image  image


I’ve reached out to the local club and I’m going to join.  I’m looking forward to figuring out how to incorporate running and skating into my schedule!

Up next – Keep your eyes peeled for a guest post I’ve got coming up all about fitness opportunities in Boston!

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