Boston: Find Your Fitness!

Today we have a fantastic guest post from my blogging friend, Hannah Warne, author of The Naturalized New Yorker.  She’s a BU graduate who definitely took advantage of the Boston fitness scene during her college career.  These days she lives in New York City where she writes a great blog about New York City eateries, to dos, and fashion.  New York friends, definitely check her blog out for fun excursions!  Be sure to check her out!

Boston 3

After living in Boston for 4 years while attending Boston University, it’s fair to say that I experienced my fair share of the city. With a booming restaurant scene, amazing shopping and the luxury of living so close to the Commons, Boston is an amazing city with an upbeat and energetic attitude.

But, with so many fun activities going on all of the time, it can sometimes (okay, a lot of times!) be hard to motivate yourself to workout instead of hitting that new restaurant in the South End – trust me, we’ve all been there. To gather some extra motivation and tone that body for bikini season, why not opt instead for a group fitness class? Though sometimes pricey, they are definitely a worthwhile splurge every now and then to switch up your fitness routine and get some inspiration.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite group workout actives – most cost between $30 and $40, but I’ve also thrown in a free option if anyone is on a strict budget. Check out any of these classes for a guaranteed kick-butt workout and with sure motivation for you to make it through those 45 minutes. You can do it!


Offering a range of yoga classes, YogaWorks is perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced yogis. My personal favorite is the hip-hop yoga class – it’s a typical vinyasa practice with the addition of upbeat hip-hop music in the background. If yoga isn’t usually your thing, this is a good option for you – the energetic music makes it feel like a more traditional group fitness experience. Plus, you can’t beat their deal for new students, who get two unlimited weeks for $25.


It’s no secret that SoulCycle is an amazing workout – I myself go about once a week in New York. Unfortunately for me (but thankfully for my wallet), SoulCycle hadn’t yet arrived in Boston while I was living there, but you can bet I’d have been a permanent fixture at the Back Bay location if it had. Hit SoulCycle for an intense cardio workout with a little bit of weight training thrown in – I have no doubt that newcomers will soon be addicted.

Exhale Spa

Exhale Spa offers a range of fitness classes, from traditional yoga to their Core Fusion Barre class, which is my personal favorite. Barre class meets abs in this intense workout featuring leg strength training, an intense abs session and some arm exercises. This class is a total body workout that will undoubtedly leave you feeling stronger and toned after only a few visits.

November Project

While not a traditional fitness class, the November Project is a great option to find a group of like-minded and supportive workout buddies. The group started in Boston with just two friends, and has grown to a cross-country movement, with November Projects now existing in many places. The group meets in the early mornings 3 days a week for different FREE workouts, like running the stairs at Harvard stadium or running up hilly avenues in Brookline. I knew many people who were major November Project fans – it’s a tribe that once people join, they rarely look back. Check out their website for specifics on their meet up locations and a detailed history of the group.

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