Goal and Challenges

We all have things we want to accomplish, more commonly known as goals.  Personally, I have fitness goals and professional/career goals.  Sometimes I worry that I have more fitness goals than I have career goals, but I digress.

To me, the tricky thing about goals isn’t coming up with them, it’s tracking my progress towards accomplishing them.  For example, I think that I want to run a half marathon in October, but what am I doing to ensure that I’m training properly?  I need to determine what my weekly mileage and speed goals are, set them, and make sure that I’m accomplishing them each week.  Now, to me, 13.1 miles is still a hefty distance, and not a willy nilly goal.  I’ve done the distance before, but it’s still challenging in my mind, so I need to map out my training plans carefully and really work to stay on track.

Enter Goalify.  I can enter my specific goals with time frames, and the app will remind me that they’re upcoming, and also lets me track my progress towards them.  I can share my goals with my friends as well to garner community support.  There’s even a coaching component which will not only remind you about your goals, but will also track your behavior and create tips around that.  For example, Goalify just told me that I usually start my plank challenge by now and asked me when I plan to fit that in today.  How cool is that?  I (and you!) can also connect with other Goalify users by using #keepatit on your social media posts.

If you’re feeling sporty, I’ve got a fun Squat Challenge that you can do with me!  Just go to the app store and download Goalify.  Once you have it, enter the following code to find the challenge and join in:  TKS F9V EFJ

Pro tip:  On your squats, push your tush back and keep your weight in your heels.  Try to get to 90 degrees, or lower!


So go ahead and download Goalify and search for the HillaryFitness Plank Challenge and the HillaryFitness Plank Challenge!  Participants have a chance to win the unlimited edition of Goalify for 3 months!

Keep me in the loop about how your squat challenge is going!


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