Turns Out, I Don’t Hate Trail Running

Which is funny, because the last time I did a small stretch of trail running, I fell and got pretty banged up.  My opinion since then has basically been that I don’t want to run on any surface that isn’t paved. On Friday night over dinner, Jay mentioned that he was hoping to do a…

Goal and Challenges

We all have things we want to accomplish, more commonly known as goals.  Personally, I have fitness goals and professional/career goals.  Sometimes I worry that I have more fitness goals than I have career goals, but I digress. To me, the tricky thing about goals isn’t coming up with them, it’s tracking my progress towards…

Boston: Find Your Fitness!

Today we have a fantastic guest post from my blogging friend, Hannah Warne, author of The Naturalized New Yorker.  She’s a BU graduate who definitely took advantage of the Boston fitness scene during her college career.  These days she lives in New York City where she writes a great blog about New York City eateries,…

My Feelings On Yoga

It’s a love hate relationship at best, and the hate usually wins out.  I tend to avoid yoga classes with the same determination that I avoid the stomach flu, but yesterday I caved.  I realized that I’m not as flexible as I think I should be, and yoga is the way to resolve that situation.

Monday Funday

  When I lived in New York, Monday was always my favorite day of the week.  Monday meant that my Nike Training Club (NTC) session was happening at 6:34pm on the roof deck of Niketown.  Together, led by fantastic trainers, the large group spent the hour jumping, lunging, squatting, sprinting, and burpee-ing to loud, up-beat…

Monday (Not) FunDay

  I usually look forward to Mondays.  They kick off the work week, my meeting schedule ins’t cumbersome, and I have my SheSquad session – It’s a women’s only workout with Coach Ally at night that I love.  This Monday however, the universe had something different in mind for me.  

It’s Food Friday

  When this man isn’t laser focused on ladder drills, he’s making sure that I eat a balanced diet.  Seriously – he is the reason that I don’t eat eggs and toast for dinner every night.  I used to cook when I was younger, but when I moved to Manhattan in 2010, I really lost…

Because… Cross Training

  Running is my jam.  If you’ve been reading my posts, you know this.  I also want to be the best runner I can be, so that means that I also focus on cross training.

“I Only Run if Something is Chasing Me”

If you’re a runner, you’ve inevitably heard someone say this.  After that they look at you like you have nine heads.  After they’re done with their facial expression, they may say something like “But I do wish I were in better shape,” or “I think that it would be cool to run a 5K.”  And…

Summer Corn and Tomato Salad

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my mother is a pretty phenomenal cook.  She cooked dinner pretty much every night of the first 18 years of my life and to this day, cooks when I visit.  It’s a pretty good deal.