My Feelings On Yoga

It’s a love hate relationship at best, and the hate usually wins out.  I tend to avoid yoga classes with the same determination that I avoid the stomach flu, but yesterday I caved.  I realized that I’m not as flexible as I think I should be, and yoga is the way to resolve that situation.

Monday Funday

  When I lived in New York, Monday was always my favorite day of the week.  Monday meant that my Nike Training Club (NTC) session was happening at 6:34pm on the roof deck of Niketown.  Together, led by fantastic trainers, the large group spent the hour jumping, lunging, squatting, sprinting, and burpee-ing to loud, up-beat…

Alone Time

  Yesterday was Home Run with Nike Boston, and I had every intention of going. I was looking forward to seeing my running friends, and getting outdoors for a few miles.  My bag of gear was packed, and I was looking forward to 6:34pm.

Much of the Time I Run. Other Times, I Ski.

  And last week, ski I did.  We flew from New York City to Reno, NV and spent the week shredding snow at three different Lake Tahoe ski resorts.  And every last minute of the trip was amazing.  

Getting Back Up

  After being sick for half the week, I was still able to get 11 miles in last week, which I was happy about.  On Thursday night, I went out for a quick 3 miler with my Nike crew.  It was an absolutely gorgeous night in Boston, and a mile in, I pulled off my…

Monday (Not) FunDay

  I usually look forward to Mondays.  They kick off the work week, my meeting schedule ins’t cumbersome, and I have my SheSquad session – It’s a women’s only workout with Coach Ally at night that I love.  This Monday however, the universe had something different in mind for me.  

It’s Food Friday

  When this man isn’t laser focused on ladder drills, he’s making sure that I eat a balanced diet.  Seriously – he is the reason that I don’t eat eggs and toast for dinner every night.  I used to cook when I was younger, but when I moved to Manhattan in 2010, I really lost…

When Struggle Runs Strike

  When I ran past Josh the Nike photographer this past Saturday during my 4 mile “long run,” I told myself to smile big and make it look like I was enjoying myself.  The weather was mild, I was with a new, very friendly pacer, and everything should have been fine in that moment.  Except…

This Week is Faster Than Last

  Not the week, per say, but me.  Yes, me.  Last night I was faster than I was the week before.  I showed up for Nike Boston’s Home Run and joined the 6 mile group with my friend Ashley. I really lucked out with Ashley.  She asked me about Nike Run Club at the company…

I Am Not A Morning Person

  Except on Tuesdays.  When I say early, I’m not talking about my Saturday long runs that begin at 8am or 9am depending on the season.  We’re talking about Tuesdays at 6:34am which is when I do my speed workouts now-a-days.

The Saturday of Running That Wasn’t

This past weekend was supposed to be about running.  I was supposed to log 13.21 miles.  The weekend was supposed to end with a grand sense of accomplishment. Saturday’s main event was a 13.21 mile run with Nike in honor of the 40th anniversary of Steve Prefontaine’s death.  Thirteen minutes and twenty one seconds  (13:21:00)…